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Al Nakheel Printing & Packaging. RAK. infrastructure & facilities allow us to produce and finish most jobs fully in-house.

Pre-press Operations comprise of verifying customer supplied output on CDs and producing proof for customer approval and plates for printing. Printing and finishing machines include a wide range of printers, folders, die-cutters, laminators, gathering machines, saddle stitcher and other machinery. Raw materials are imported as well as locally procured depending upon convenience, and a variety of materials are readily available in our store always. The production centre is located in a large and spacious premise. Details of plant and equipments are listed separately in detail.


This process begins with transferring the artwork files to high-end computers and checking/correcting them for errors. Colour management is carried out with high-end licensed softwares of Esko Artwork, Kaleidoscope & Adobe, with inputs of spectrometer and machine profiles. We have access to almost all the Desktop publishing applications that enable us to improve the final artwork given by our customers. This art work is sent to the customers for approval, after which the jobs is initiated through RIP for CTP(computer to plate) or Digital printing outputs for crisp image reproduction.

Pre-Press Machines, Equipments and Tools
ANP has the advantage of being well equipped with full-fledged pre-press studio. The prepress team is qualified and efficient to handle challenges.

• Apple Macintosh G5
• RIP Computer
• CTP Heidelberg 102
• RAPTOR Pro-85P Plate Developer
• HP Digital Proofing machine
• Various other equipments

Print Production

Apart from the regular 'CMYK' gamut, Al Nakheel Printing & Packaging possesses expertise in re-producing numerous colours of the Pantone spectrum in accordance with the needs of the customers. State-of-the-art printing machines like HP, Heidelberg GTO(1 to 4 Color), SORM, SM74, CD102, Asterix computer stationery and others.

Print Performance: Straight & perfecting, max 10,000 sph*
Number of Printing Units: 17 of 5 machines
Inking System: Highly constant inking and presetting of the ink zones via the CP2000 centre and prepress interface. Automatic inking roller wash-up
Dampening System: The speed-compensated alcolor continuous-film dampening system
Auto Plate: In-Register, automated plate changing in less than one minute per printing unit.
Coating System: Easy changing between the two-roller systems, Online matt and glossy aq. varnish sheet guide plate; The venturi sheet guide plate generates an air cushion beneath the sheet for sheet travel without marking

Production- Press Machines, Equipments and Tools
ANP possesses a Press section where employees work around the clock to implement the client's aspirations. Major Machines in this Department are the Following

• Heidelberg CD 102, Size: 70x100, Colors: 6+Varnish
• Heidelberg SM 74, Size: 50x70, Colors: 4
• Heidelberg GTO, Size: 36x52, Colors: 4
• Heidelberg GTO, Size: 36x52, Colors: 2
• Heidelberg SORM, Size: 50x70, Colors: 2
• Heidelberg GTO, Size: 36x52, Colors: 1
• Heidelberg Letter press, Size: 32x45, Colors: 1
• Heidelberg Letter press, Size: 25x35, Colors: 1
• Astrix 2 Colour Computer Stationery Machine

Post Press

Finishing department comprises of machinery as well as competent personnel. The progressive functions in the Post press studio are
• Cutting
• Folding
• Stitching
• Adhesive Binding
• Die Cutting
• Folding Carton Gluing

Post-Press Machines, Equipments and Tools
Folding and Gathering Machines
• Heidelberg CD 102, Size: 70x100, Colors: 6+Varnish
• Heidelberg Stahl Folding Machine - 50x70
• Heidelberg Stahl Folding Machine - 70x100
• GUK Folding machine
• NCR Gathering machine
• BREHMER automatic 12 station gathering unit
• Horizon gathering machine

Binding Machines
• Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher / Leg operated Stitching machines ( Station 8 )- Trimmer - 3 Knife
• Perfect Binder
• Paper Drills
• Spiral Binder Hole punching / Hand operated spiral pressing machines
• Book Sewing machines

Cutting Machines
• POLAR 76M - 50x70
• POLAR 115 - 70x100
• ROBO - 70x100

Die Cutting Machine
• Champion Automatic die cutting machine
• STAR manual die cutting machine/Gold foiling machine
• Laminating Machine 1 manual/1 auto + cutting

Other Tools & Equipments
• Mail Bagging Machine
• Spot UV machine
• Paper Counter
• Pallet lifters
• Perforation machine
• More....

Finishing Services (Finish Packaging & Logistics)

All finished work is manually re-checked, sorted and then carefully packaged in acceptable weight grades and the labeled accordingly for easy identification before dispatch. Care is also taken to give extra protection with moisture-proof packing.

Turning Images Into Reality

One Stop Quality Printing & Packaging Services

• Offset Printing
• Digital Printing
• Screen Printing
• Fabric / Silk Screen Printing
• Packaging Services
• Customized & Specialized Printing
Special Facilities (In-House). Finishing Services

• Gold Foiling
• Foil Embossing / De-bossing
• Thermo graphic Embossing
• Die cutting
• UV Varnishing / Spot Varnishing
• Lamination - gloss and matt
• Bindery services like Spiral Binding, Perfect Binding, Saddle Stitching
End Products

Bags, Booklets, Books, Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Catalogues, Customized Products, Danglers, Diaries, Directories, Envelopes, Flyers, FMCG Packagings, Folders, Invitation Cards, Labels, Leaflets, Letter Heads, Luxury Packaging, Magazines, Notebooks, Posters, Product Boxes, Raffle Tickets, RollUps/PopUps, Stickers, TentCards, Vouchers, Wedding Cards, Wobblers

A to Z Complete Printing & Production Unit